Shoulder Pain

For most people, the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body. It is a ball-and-socket joint stabilized by the rotator cuff muscles. Both joint and soft tissue structures can be injured. One of the best ways to relieve and treat shoulder pain is through chiropractic care.


From mild to severe pain, the shoulder is involved in many daily activities and can prevent people from enjoying their life fully. Rotator cuff injuries, AC sprains, impingement syndrome, frozen shoulders, instability, labrum tears, bursitis, and overuse shoulder injuries are a few potential consequences of being an exercise enthusiast, or hard worker. Accumulative and potentially degenerative pathologies can lead to wear-and-tear of the joint and may contribute to chronic pain.

How can chiropractic help?

Chiropractic treatment begins with a thorough diagnosis from the patient’s medical history and physical examination to determine the exact location and extent of the injury. Treatment options include specific soft tissue therapy including hands-on deep tissue massage, cupping, and/or instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy and chiropractic mobilization/manipulation to help decrease pain and add more mobility.

Additional therapy may include kinesiotaping (to increase proprioception and add stability), corrective rehabilitative exercises including stabilizing and strengthening ones, product recommendations, diet changes, lifestyle and ergonomic advice. Referral to imaging is made in some specific cases.

The health benefits of chiropractic care include:
• Reducing pain and discomfort
• Decreasing inflammation
• Improving range of motion and flexibility
• Increased muscle strength and tone

Our goal is to promote a wide pain-free range of motion and promote strong shoulders. Let your chiropractor help you with the nagging shoulder pain so you can continue doing the things you love. Give us a call at (604) 496-0626, email at, or book online at