We direct bill to the following insurances so that you can focus on getting better.

Dr.Kimberly Huynh Dr.Kimberly Huynh

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, ICBC may cover your chiropractic treatments. You are pre-authorized 25 treatments from a chiropractor. We bill ICBC directly, so you won’t have to submit receipts for reimbursement. Additional visits maybe available if needed. No referral is required.


WorkSafeBC covers injured workers for their visits to a chiropractor. If your claim has been accepted for coverage, WCB will cover your initial visit and subsequent treatment. No referral is required.

Medical Service Plan

B.C. medical service plan at present, a typical visit to a chiropractor is not covered by the BC medical services plan. However, patients approved by MSP for premium assistance can claim part of the cost of their chiropractic treatment through their British Columbia medical services plan (MSP). Premium assistant patients are entitled to 10 total visits per calendar year to supplementary health care providers and will be responsible to covering the remaining cost of their visit. If you are eligible for premium assistance, MSP will pay $23 towards your treatment.

Other Providers

✔Blue Cross

✔Chambers of Commerce





✔First Canadian

✔Great West Life

✔Sun Life

✔SSQ Insurances

✔The Co-operators



✔Industrial Alliance




✔Maximum Benefit


✔Empire Life

✔Equitable Life


*If you have any additional questions about your coverage please feel free to contact us.

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✔Pre-approved care - no doctor referral required.

✔Personalized treatment plans for your injuries.

✔Direct billing and predetermination on selected insurances.